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Protecting IP is fun! - no one

Take your first step to a patent. Find out if your idea can be patented in minutes, without disclosing confidential IP.

do this before hiring a lawyer

No Registration Needed

We're Privacy First

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Why patent?

Close funding rounds up to 76% faster

Signal competence and credibility to stakeholders

Give your startup competitive advantages

Increase long-term value by 40x

You're the visionary that took a risk, saw something no one else did, and built itHaven't you earned it?


Find out if your idea is patentable

How It Works

Keep your secrets a secret

No confidential disclosures needed

Impress your board

Show your team of experts that you’re prepared and have thought it through

Get answers quickly

In <5 minutes, find out if you have something patentable

Find similar tech using AI-powered semantic search

Pinpoint how and why yours is unique

Drag and drop your differentiators into relevant categories

That's it!

Identify what's novel and unique about your invention. Classify it and click. That's it.


Define Your Invention


Generate your patent draft

AI identifies your strongest argument and builds a patent draft around it


Get it reviewed and approved by a lawyer

Connect to a lawyer in the tangify network or download it and share it with your own

From zero to patent-pending in an instant


Done in minutes,

not weeks


Update as often as you need


Your patent draft in just a few clicks


No more expensive upfront retainers

Say Goodbye to:

nonstop google searching

deciphering dense legal procedures

interviewing & vetting attorneys yourself

paying thousands of dollars upfront for unknown outcomes

endlessly writing and revising your patent draft

going in uninformed

You worked hard to build it.
Take your first steps to protect it.

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